Quentin “Shplinton” Thomas is an artist, illustrator, graphic designer, and curator who has exhibited in galleries and museums within the L.A. and Inland Empire areas. With a psychedelic color palette caught somewhere between surrealist philosophy, AbEx painting, and skate + surf culture with a bit of art school kid tossed in, there is an entry point for a wide variety of audiences in his work.

Perhaps like you, Shplinton began his relationship with art on notebooks in school. “A big part of my work evolved in classrooms I did not want to be in,” he explains. Viewing Shplinton’s work, you can still see the mind of a distracted creative spilled out across the face, his signature “triangle pointillism” wandering with his thoughts and fine point pen through vibrant blobs.

While almost every artist on earth shares a relationship with paper, the delicate surface was mobile enough for him to roll it up and carry it on his bike as a child, and so it began as his medium of choice. He still gets around on his bike, and he still creates a shit ton of pieces that can be rolled up so that they can travel with him. This nomadic lifestyle defines his entire process. A piece may be started at his home in Koreatown, but it will be furthered in a studio Downtown, and finished at a retail shop in Venice. He is a rolling stone, always the trusted voice to know about the hippest and most intelligent art experiences around town, and his work reflects that.