Scrawled on the door of Stephen Linsley's darkroom are the words "Seeing is forgetting. This quote from Robert Irwin encapsulates Linsley's approach to photography. His photographs are made using an 8x10 film camera and hand printing on large format fiber based paper.
They are not depictions of lines and forms, but rather of something residing more deeply in his subjects.  This result is achieved with the careful juxtaposition of the ethereal and the material and, through the omission of all transient elements, the works become like distillations of hidden truths. Linsley's prolonged exposures seek to discover an underlying essence in their themes and to make them directly accessible to the viewer. His fascination with photography developed at an early age. He continued taking photographs throughout his years as a musician; he was a founding member and Bass player of the Jim Carroll Band, and later produced and engineered records for bands such as Doom, Public Enemy, Micheal Lockwood, Bigelf, and The Fat Boys. In 1991, after years as a musician, he began to devote himself exclusively to the study and practice of photography. He currently resides and works in Los Angeles, California.