The primary focus of his practice is to broadcast spiritual fact through the pictorial image. Automatic painting, the practice of “letting the art pour out of you”, free from contrived statement, is the method at play in Ammon’s work. The method opens a portal to his unconscious, allowing for ethereal emotions to crossover onto the canvas. The emotional charge dictates the aesthetics and language of form and color, consequently allowing his painting to take on a life of its own while being conceived.

His works hold a range and variety in techniques. Some strokes are rapid, swift and zigzagged, raw and active, while others are broad, careful and linear, signaling a tranquil, sustained emotional state. This contrast sets up an intertwined network of lines and humanistic forms, creating opportunity to trace and explore where emotions start, stop, hide, merge, and eventually are fixed into one state. 

“Even with rudimentary results, manifesting even a partial fragment of the unconscious world, where primal feelings elusively swoosh around and circulate, is invaluable,” Ammon states. It is this heuristic nature of Ammon’s work, which resonates with viewers.