I don’t know why this sticks out but there was a year where I lived with my best friend. We were both recently single and going out a lot, really trying to shed whatever it was we were trying to leave behind. I liked that year because we were both ready for anything that came our way. During that year I got pretty sick and wasn’t able to get out of bed for about a week or two. Once I had starting moving around I had insane cabin fever, I wanted to go out and just be out the entire night. We went to a bar, walked all around Hollywood, broke into an apartment complex, went back home and decided to pack bags and a picnic and take an Uber to Venice beach at 4am. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Venice beach at 4 am but it’s fucking terrifying and very cold. We sat on the beach with a bottle of wine and decided to race each other to a lifeguard tower and it was just one of those simple nights where I felt really happy.