Christopher Dimaano aka Christopher Details is an artist/photographer living in Los Angeles, California. Since 1999, he has been surrounding himself with music/art/culture through the mediums of music, events, museums, and traveling around the world. Locals Only is the mindset. Locals Only is the mission statement. Visit cities around the globe and engulf yourself in their energy & experiences. Walk on foot, take trains, stay up late, & live as if you were a local.

Throughout the years, he has visited countries like Japan, Singapore, Morocco, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain and more. On these trips, he was able to create new music and document thousands of imagery based on what looked visually appealing & interesting. Today, Christopher Dimaano's photography is venturing farther and farther into exotic, exciting places. And he doesn't plan to stop. Whether it be a plane, train, subway, taxi, and/or bicycle, Christopher will find his way to these off-set locations and document, document, document.

His first solo photo exhibition was held in Pasadena, California (June 2013) was a success and he looks forward to presenting his photography at new, exciting galleries.